Oh shit.. a whole area about me..haha To cover the basics! I'm 29 with 3 beautiful kids and a beautiful girlfriend I'm 99.9% positive will be my wife. Anime is basically life and I absolutely love creating art while listening to music on a daily. Hell, I'm jammin out right now while I type this. If I'm to touch on the topic of who I really am I'd have to keep it real an admit I'm just like all of you. Life hasn't been all that fair to me you know? I'm just kind of taking it as it comes, patience is one of my strongest assets. I'm all about the art grind as a hobby and a business. Life has been full of twists and turns but by far being a artist has been one crazy experience. It's definitely made me a pro at taking Ls, but I'm thankful cause it made me appreciate my wins to the fullest. Currently I'm on the path of becoming a tattoo artist and teaching others how to create designs on shoes. To all those that support me and are close enough to me that you could read everything in my voice.... I wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for believing in me.