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Whats up Everyone! If you're new to my work, my name is Amador Molina and I'm the first Copic Vans designer. I've been creating anime/video game related designs and teaching other artists my process for 10 years.


I gained traction in 2015 for creating the first tutorial for custom vans with Copic for Imagination International. I've gone by several names through out my career, but Vanime sole is what I'm recognized by the most.


I specialize specifically in brand collaborations! I've worked with Copic, Bandai, Funimation, CLX, Save the Children, and various other companies producing designs for display.


Since Jan 2019 I shut down from taking commissions through my store tab and moved to hand selecting the work I felt would represent my craft the best.


I love my work and I hope that through my experiences in life I can motivate others to chase down doing what they love. It's been a our to be around this long. I appreciate all of you that stop in, feel free to use that contact tab if you have any questions! 


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